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This is OUR LARGEST donation to date….$28,550 to SNOHOMISH COUNTY VOLUNTEER SEARCH AND RESCUE. This is beyond our wildest dreams and will make a huge impact in literally saving lives. Truly!!

This $28,250 is a combination of each of us giving $100 and A few people giving more than $100 ($18,250) plus $5000 from an Anonymous ANGEL member of our group (WOW!) and $5000 matching funds from Richard Schulze Foundation (Another WOW!)

Gratitude is palpable!!! Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!


AMAZING * AWESOME * Exceeding our wildest dreams!! MAGNIFICENT!!

We made OUR LARGEST donation to date….$27,858.88 to EVERETT RECOVERY CAFE!! This is phenomenal and will make a huge impact in improving lives for many adults. Truly!!

This $27k+ is a combination of each of us giving $100 ($17,858.88) plus $5000 from an Anonymous ANGEL member of our group (WOW!) and $5000 matching funds from Richard Schulze Foundation (Another WOW!)

Gratitude is palpable!!! Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!



WE presented Washington Kids In Transition with a significant donation! Are you ready?…$20,900.This includes $15,900 from us (100+ Women Who Care About Snohomish County) plus $5,000 from Richard Schulz Foundation (Best Buy).

This wonderful group serves homeless kids and families in Snohomish County with food, clothing, motel vouchers, and so much more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Somehow words just don’t express the gratitude. Doing GOOD together feels so powerful. Our hearts are filled with Love!



100+ Women Who Care About Snohomish County gave $17,120 to ALL ABOARD AMERICA 1! Additionally, the Richard Schulze Foundation added $5000 to our donation!!! That’s $22,120. This is AMAZING and a very significant impact. They were so grateful!!

ALL ABOARD’s mission is to provide services to adults with special needs, helping them develop an active, positive, and inclusive lifestyle. We are honored to contribute to this mission!

Heartfelt Gratitude and Love to all of you that opened your hearts (and wallets, too)!! Simply wonderful!!!



Wow! Exponential Generosity! Sincere Compassion! Amazing Caring women…we did it!!! Together we’ve raised $100,000 ..that’s ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for nonprofits in Snohomish County since we began our group in April 2019. This is beyond our wildest dreams and we are so grateful. Just a group of powerful caring women pooling our generosity and making a huge impact.

Today, we presented HAND IN HAND with our biggest donation yet! $16,000. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children and families in Snohomish County!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 


We are deeply saddened to know that at least 500 children are living with “Food Insecurity”/ hunger in the Marysville / Lakewood school districts and do not have food to eat when school is not in session. With generous caring hearts, we are helping kids along with Marysville Food Bank, Food For Thought Backpack Program. 

We presented $13,800 to the amazing people that lead this program! Marysville Food Bank also received a +$5K match from the Schulz Family Foundation. This is Fabulous! Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Together we are making an impactful significant difference in lives! Wow!!!



We humbly, happily, and so gratefully presented Hero House-Everett Clubhouse with...$14,205!!! That's FOURTEEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED & FIVE DOLLARS!


Hero House is a vocational and social rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness. Their program, facility and especially the Staff, are so impressive, caring and compassionate. They plan to use the $14,205 to help to build a kitchen in their new addition. THANK YOU,100+ Women! Together, we are DOING GOOD!!!





We met in a parking lot on February 25th at night where the Mercy Watch folks were heading out to give care to homeless people in Snohomish County. We gathered with the group of amazing caring volunteers and presented them with...$11,800! Right now, they are working out of the back of one volunteer’s vehicle. They will use our $$$, combined with another $10,000 donation to buy a medically equipped van. We are thrilled to be a part of DOING GOOD in our community!! Blessings abound!!


We presented Homage Senior Services a check for $10,400. What an amazing opportunity for Homage to provide needed home repairs to seniors in Snohomish County. It was a wonderful experience!!


Our total donation to Faith Food Bank was $11,125. Because of the generosity of our group, a low mileage mini-van (pictured), a new display refrigerator, a newly painted reception area, and $300 for gas were ALL donated as well. #thepowerof100


We had a great turnout for our inaugural event! Click below for photos, courtesy of Sarah Thornhill Photography.

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