We met in a parking lot on February 25th at night where the Mercy Watch folks were heading out to give care to homeless people in Snohomish County. We gathered with the group of amazing caring volunteers and presented them with...$11,800! Right now, they are working out of the back of one volunteer’s vehicle. They will use our $$$, combined with another $10,000 donation to buy a medically equipped van. We are thrilled to be a part of DOING GOOD in our community!! Blessings abound!!


We presented Homage Senior Services a check for $10,400. What an amazing opportunity for Homage to provide needed home repairs to seniors in Snohomish County. It was a wonderful experience!!


Our total donation to Faith Food Bank was $11,125. Because of the generosity of our group, a low mileage mini-van (pictured), a new display refrigerator, a newly painted reception area, and $300 for gas were ALL donated as well. #thepowerof100


We had a great turnout for our inaugural event! Click below for photos, courtesy of Sarah Thornhill Photography.